Trouble with the faceplates

As I was getting modules ready to sell, I noticed that some of lettering and graphics on the faceplates had scratched off. A few tests indicated that the silkscreening was not sufficiently solid to hold up under long-term use. For people who only care about the sound, this would not matter, but many people take pride in the beauty of their modular rigs, so I’m postponing release while I seek alternatives.

If you are one of the people who cares not for the looks, I’d be happy to sell you one with the current faceplate. Send me an email at and we’ll work something out. Elsewise, be patient; I’m only one person (I counted myself this morning just to be sure), and I’m doing this in my limited spare time.

A side project

I had two working SSM 2050s from an old DIY module that never worked very well, so I build a new Aries format module based on the AR-344 design.

It was the same price to get 10 boards made, so I have 9 remaining ones. If anyone has a source of SSM 2050s and wants one or more of these boards, let me know. I can also provide the faceplate design (which is very close to the original Aries faceplate design, but I added an inverted out), and the little adapter pcbs for the alpha dual-concentric pots. It sure is hard to source good dual-concentric pots these days…


The Thomas DiMuzio Alpha-Trianguli Demos


My friend and dog’s godfather, Tom DiMuzio has been playing around with some of the Alpha-Trianguli modules and has made a series of demos which show off some of the timbres one can create using them. I’ve uploaded them to soundcloud -> The Thomas DiMuzio Alpha-Trianguli Demos

Give them a listen.

I’ve got a dozen or so of the original hand-built AT-327 multimode filter prototypes which I intend to sell to interested parties for $350 a piece, and I’ve got 20 production prototypes, whose manufacturing protocols are set up so if they sell well, I can quickly manufacture more at an appropriate pace. I intend to sell these for $250 a piece.

If you are interested in ordering any before I’ve got web payments set up, email me at and we can work out an arrangement.

Up next, to make some video demos, to give people a more tangible feel for the module’s tone and interface; then to figure out a means of accepting web payments, and all of the other bureaucratic stuff that needs to be set up in order sell things on the internet.