Renderings of each of the modules

I found myself going down a rabbit-hole of 3D rendering products and techniques when I’d rather be building synthesizers, so I’ve opted to present each module in the simple Kicad render. The first System 300 will come with 12 modules shown below.

  • 2x AT-317 VCO
  • 1x AT-314 LP VCF
  • 1x AT-327 Multimode Filter
  • 1x AT-315 Balanced Modulator
  • 1x AT-318 Sample & Hold/Clock/Noise Generator
  • 1x AT-324 Dual LFO/Lag/Inverter
  • 1x AT-323 Dual Mixer
  • 1x AT-321 Hex Attenuator
  • 1x AT-316 VCA
  • 1x AT-312 Envelope Generator
  • 1x AT-326 Output Module



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